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The Saanich Historical Artifact Society (SHAS) began with the efforts of a Saanich pioneer, the late Willard Mitchell. Willard saw the historical significance of the old tools, farm and household equipment (some over a hundred years old) being discarded rapidly. His personal collection was the start of what we have today.

This collection, with the help of many pioneer families, has grown over the years. as a result of valuable artifacts being donated by many generous and thoughtful individuals and businesses from the peninsula and Vancouver Island.

Heritage Acres, Operated and owned by the Saanich Historical Artifact Society, has been developing for over a third of a century. The land has been transferred from the Province to the District of Central Saanich. The Vancouver Island Model Engineers (VIME) Operate their trans on site and have extensive tracks and features throughout the property, making for a great train ride. Through the Saanich Historical Artifact Foundation (SHAF) families and individuals can make tax deductible contributions, including direct monetary or memorial donations to help with our long term goals of preserving the past for future generations to enjoy.

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